Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Stuff!

Holy monsoon today! The entire state of FL looks like this:

Yikes. Glad we didn't have any plans today! I sat my hiney on the couch all day with my compy and let the creative juices flow.(we might have ordered pizza, too…)

"What was the result?" you ask.

I will show you.

Right now.

I have sung "you are my sunshine" to Amelie pretty much every day since she was born. My mom sang it to me, my sister sings it to her children and it just strikes a chord in my heart.

This one is probably my new favorite in the shop. I was truly inspired by this quote I saw a couple weeks ago (source unknown). I believe God gives us challenges and struggles in life to make us stronger and to use those experiences to share our story with others who might be going through tough times. I have shared my "mess" with many friends and I love that God uses my story to possibly comfort others in a tough season in their life. I might just print this one up and hang it on my wall (when I get a wall to call my own, that is!).

So, I have these two new posters up in the shop today  :)

I will probably make stationary cards out of both of these and have those up soon as well.

--- Peace, Love + Rain --- katie

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