Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blog Facelift

Phew! After many, many hours of trial and error, html coding problem solving, and a pair of blurry, tired eyes, I'm so happy this "facelift" is complete! (For now, at least… I like change, can you tell?!) My look is constantly changing because I get a little tired of looking at the same thing, so usually at least once a year I get the itch to change things up. Usually it's just the header and maybe a few colors here and there, but this time… this time I got a little carried away inspired!

I decided to customize some things, like the social media links on the sidebar in the cute little flags. I also added new tabs at the top that link to my portfolio (ALL NEW as well!) and an about me and contact page and such. I feel so accomplished right now! (even though I'm falling asleep while typing this) I'm hoping to add more tabs (recipes, diy's, freebies, etc) soon so if you like any features on other blogs that you read or stumble upon, let me know what it is and I will consider adding it to my site. I'm here to please :)

Until then, enjoy the pretty colors. These tired eyes are going to bed. Night night! k-