Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Day countdown: 1 day left!

Bummer. I totally forgot to blog for my countdown yesterday. You might think it was because I was enjoying my Sunday with my family, but sadly, no. I was cranking out a huge book layout for a client. Nonetheless, I am here, today, for my countdown.

Today's theme is cards!

you + me = happiness :)

This one might be my fave. You can fill the blanks in yourself and get as creative as you want!

How about this for a geek-out? My kind of card!

Haha… this one makes me chuckle. Who doesn't love a good stache?

And if you're really into facial hair jokes, here's another chuckle for you…

I love this illustration… it floats my boat!

These last two are from Anna at Rifle Paper. She's the bomb. Aren't they so pretty?!

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow :)

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