Saturday, November 19, 2011

32 Random Acts of Kindness

Tuesday was my 32nd birthday. I know what you're thinking… "you can't be!" No really, I am 32. Ha! j/k… I just like to think I look a lot younger :)

As most of you already know (cause I've been plastering it all over my fb page), I was inspired by a woman named Robin at this blog to do 32 Random Acts of Kindness on my 32nd birthday. Her blog post was such a hit that she started "The Birthday Project" and has a facebook page and website just for this… how awesome is that?! (I highly suggest you read her blog post… I was so inspired)

Yes, I know today is Saturday. We just had the craziest week EVER. Between my birthday, my husband's last day of college!, 2 Thanksgiving feasts (one in which we hosted and cooked our first turkey), a girlfriend sleepover and packing to move, I had to wait until Saturday. (Not to mention, I was still working all week. Ok, I admit, I slacked a little… sorry, clients.) Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? I'm really tired just thinking about it again.

So, this morning, I came home from my slumber party with my Bible study girls… which was super duper fun, btw… and gathered my things to hit the road and tackle my list of things to (possibly) do. We finally got out of the house around 11:30… a little later than I wanted to start, but I'm not the greatest planner, so I knew it would be this way.

Our supplies:

cards to hand to people

homemade cookies, tape, sharpie, quarters and cards

my list and addresses

and my little helper :)

We were ready to start!

1. Left baked cookies in our mailbox for our post man/woman

2. Delivered cookies to Savannah Fire Dept.

3. Gave this cool guy (Big Ben) a bottle of water to drink while he worked on the construction site at the Police Station. He kindly turned down cookies in an effort to avoid weight gain we were told

4. Delivered cookies to the Police Station. (apparently she was recently on Dateline… I LOVE Dateline!)

5. Found this lovely postwoman downtown and I even got a hug!!

making my list and checking it twice!

6. Picked up stuff from friends to drop off at goodwill

my awesome friend Jasper… she donated brownies and stuff for goodwill
(my friends Maggie and Alyssa donated as well, but I forgot to get a picture of them… thanks girls!)

our friends Ginny & Bob donated lots of clothes and odds and ends, as well as towels for the animal shelter and lots of quarters!

7. Taught my husband and my sister how to play a new game that I just learned. We played it at our slumber party and it was hysterical. ("Teach someone something" was on my list)

8. Did something selfless for my husband… I wasn't going to check this one off, but he said he really loved his graduation balloons I got for him on Thursday, so he checked it off.

my hubs is a college graduate now… I'm so proud :)

9. Delivered bunches of stuff to Goodwill

these guys were pretty cool. we gave them some water, too :)

10. Donated dog/cat food and towels to the Chatham County Animal Shelter

11. Found this Blackberry on the ground when I got out of the car, so we took it to the front desk. When we were getting back in our car, a worried-looking woman was looking around and I asked her if she had lost a phone. Sure enough it was hers and we told her that we turned it in. I gave her one of my cards and she was so happy! This was one of the highlights of my day because I didn't plan it to happen.

donating the food and towels. amelie looks like a hot mess!

cutest little pup at the shelter. can't believe we walked out of there without a new pet!

he was a kisser!

this little guy was precious. so calm and had the sweetest look on his face.

amelie's favorite part was the kitties

12. Taped quarters to the vending machines at Food Lion

13. Took carts from the parking lot at Food Lion and returned them to the store.

14. Bought a gift card at Food Lion and asked the cashier to give it to someone in need (since no one was in line behind me).

15. Asked a woman to load her groceries into her car. (she declined, unfortunately, but ever so politely) I also asked a teenage girl if she needed help because she was sitting in the parking lot with her hood open. She politely declined as well because her parents were on their way. Oh well, we tried!

16. Bought the order for the car behind us in the Taco Bell drive through.

17. Went to Barnes + Noble and hid dollar bills in random books with a card. What a nice surprise that would be to find one :) My favorite was "Starting an Etsy shop for Dummies" I even slipped a few into some toys.

18. Bought a coffee for Scott, the guy behind me in line at the Barnes + Noble coffee shop. He was thrilled and gracious. Later a friend or family member of his tracked us down in the store to say how awesome she thought it was and asked for more cards so she could do it for others. Another highlight of my day!

19. (from 18) Gave a nice woman named Georgia some of my "kindness" cards to give to others.

20. Held the door open for people at the mall.

21. Bought a soft pretzel and lemonade for a woman and her 2 kids behind us in line.

22. Taped a dollar bill to a coke machine at the mall

23. Gave lollipops to bunches of kids (with their parent's permission, of course!)

24. Taped a bunch of quarters to parking meters downtown (even though sat and sun are free!)

25. Handed out an entire case of bottled water to park-goers and people throughout the day

26. Gave more cookies and brownies to thankful park-goers

27. Took pictures of 2 different families so they could all be in the picture together

28. Picked up a bunch of trash at the park and playground… there was more than usual because they had an event all day

29. Put notes on a couple cars with a dollar bill

30. Put a note on my neighbor's car with a B+N gift card.

31. Uploaded my "Random Acts of Kindness" cards to offer as a free printable. Just click HERE to download it :)

32. Gave away a free poster from my etsy shop! Congrats, Christin!

Here's my list now… I love how marked up and tattered it looks now. A hard day's work is done.

The greatest part about today is seeing others get inspired just like I did. A few of my friends shared what they did to join in:

Tina: "Gave $ to a homeless man! More acts to follow...."

Louise: "unloaded groceries for an older woman in the grocery cary scooter behind me:)"

Josh: "Paid to get into a wrestling when n I was supposed to get in free. Wanted to help the program"

Christin: "I bought 5 movies to send to the troops in Afghanistan!"

If anyone reads this and does any random acts of kindness I would love to hear about it! Thanks for sharing in my day… I had a blast :)