Monday, September 19, 2011

29 ways to stay creative

I came across this on pinterest (if you're not on pinterest, you should be!) and then did a little searching for the source. I LOVE being inspired by other people and I LOVE finding new ways to stay creative.

And then I found this video that compliments it.

Pretty awesome, right? 

Some ways I like to stay creative are:
• craft with friends
• (spend way too much time on)
• read blogs
• travel to new places
• listen to music
• watch inspiring movies
• try new things and prepare to fail… that's how you learn!
• step AWAY from the computer - this is SO hard for me
• join others in projects like this
• make lists
• make inspiration boards
• go to church - just learning about God and being close to Him makes me feel creative!
• make gifts instead of buy them

What are ways YOU stay creative?

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