Saturday, July 23, 2011

web love

i'm on my compy a LOT. i'm kind of addicted. ok, i'm really addicted. it's bad. but good. but oh so bad.

the good part is that i'm constantly being inspired by certain sites. here's a run down of my go-to's for inspiration:

it's like a vortex that you get sucked into for hours. you can create any type of inspiration board you want, pin any image from anywhere on the web onto your boards, follow friends' boards, and then share it on facebook if you so prefer. i LOVE, LOVE it. i feel so inspired by everything on there. (you have to be invited, so if you want an invite, let me know and give me your email so i can send you one.)

hopefully you already know about etsy because i have a shop there! aside from that, etsy is a place i go to get ideas and inspiration for anything from design to sewing to party supplies. many people might not know, but they have TONS of crafting supply sellers. it's also a great resource for everything vintage, which i love!

if you haven't seen the store in the mall, you should. or, maybe you shouldn't cause you might spend your entire savings in one visit. it's that awesome. it's dangerous. you should do it! orrrrr, you can just browse online like i do and then pin the things you like on pinterest :) (images)

google images is the most simple way to find something you are looking for. i must search here a hundred times a day (ok, maybe 99). ok, i don't know how many times, but it's a lot. it helps me with my job, party planning ideas, color ideas, inspiration for just about anything. much love for anything google!

this site is fantastic if you are a reader of multiple blogs. i follow way too many plenty! i switched from google reader (GASP!) to bloglovin after the recommendation of elsie because it puts your blog roll in an easy to read scroll with pictures. and anything with pictures, i'm a fan of! some days when i don't feel like reading through every new post, i just scroll down and i can mark some posts as "read" if i'm not interested in reading that particular post. it's easy to find and follow any blog you want (even!). very user friendly for sure!

alright, i have to say, i wanted to include a cooking website in my list, but couldn't choose. i picked pioneer woman because i love her! she is funny, easy to read, has great recipes and is extremely thorough when sharing her recipes. (you'll see what i mean when you take a look at a recipe!) i am inspired by cooking (and actually get a lot of recipes from pinterest right now, too) and i can't wait to get into a house where we can actually cook for guests and entertain!

Phew! I think that does it for the sites i visit MOST regularly. There are so many more, so maybe I will make this type of post a regular on my blog.

What are your favorite sites? Please share!!

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