Saturday, August 21, 2010


I don't know if anyone else calls them "taggy-do's", but I just like saying it, so that's what I call mine! These are so much fun and if you have a baby, you know how much they are infatuated with tags. Cloth tags, plastic tags, paper tags (Amelie is especially a fan of anything that has to do with paper), etc. I figured they couldn't be too hard to make and they make great handmade gifts!

What you will need:
• ribbon (I have a plethera of scrap ribbon… this project is PERFECT for scraps!)
• fabric (I like to use satin, fleece, minky… anything extra soft - this is also great for using left over scrap fabric)
• pins, scissors, sewing machine, thread
And if you are an over-achiever like my amazing sister, you can sew a piece of noisy plastic on the inside for a crinkly effect… babies LOVE crinkles! (She uses her old wipe packages… genius!)
• Links, small toys (I've seen some tutorials where people hook toys onto the ribbon loops. Links are great because you can hook them onto carseats, crib rails, high chairs, etc.)

Here are some great tutorials for taggy-do's of all kinds:
Crinkle taggy-do
Monster taggy-do (SO freakin' cute!)
Owl taggy-do (I'm partial to this one!)
Plush cube taggy-do (Too complicated for me, but you might be able to tackle this one!)
Crinkle Bot taggy-do

Here is a picture of my lovebug enjoying the taggy-do trio that her Aunt Lucie made for her!

Happy crafting!

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