Thursday, July 01, 2010

father/daughter superhero capes

i haven't been doing too good with keeping my blogs up to date, but in my next few posts, you'll see why! i've been really inspired to craft recently and i've been working on some fun projects. i've been sewing trying to sew a lot and i'm getting much better! so good that i'm not embarrassed to give gifts to friends and family that i've made. if i keep getting better, maybe i'll actually be able to sell some goods one day :)

this project was so much fun for me. if any of you know my husband, you know that he is a comic bookie, superhero guru and he is a kid at heart! he always talks about how, as a kid, he always had a towel tied around his neck and would pretend he was a superhero. that image has always stuck with me and so decided to make him his own 'real' superhero cape for his first father's day! but that wasn't really a good 'father's day' gift, so i decided to make amelie one, too. now they have official capes to wear when they fight crime. i know he's going to be a great sensei :)

i found some pretty purple and red shiny satin material at joann for the capes and then got some pink and yellow pattern fabric for the letters. i happened to stumble across the green and teal shimmery material in the clearance bin… score! i decided to use the iron-on adhesive for the first time. i got the kind that you can sew on top of because i knew i wanted to finish the edges. i will say that i am very happy with the way it turned out, but it was a very frustrating process! the directions were NOT very 'directional' if you will! on the package it says use low heat with no steam, but after about an hour of trying to iron that stuff on, i decided to crank the heat up and BAM… it finally stuck! i don't know if it was my iron, but it's not that old, so i'm guessing they say that in the instructions so you don't melt everything. better safe than sorry, i guess, but incredibly frustrating for me! after i ironed the adhesive on, i printed out the letters, transferred them over to the material with the adhesive on it and then cut it out. then i ironed that to the green/teal material and did the same thing to that so i could iron it on to the cape part.

i used a zig-zag stitch to finish the edges (which you can't see here) and then i just used satin ribbon to use as a tie. i made amelie's cape pretty big so she can use it for years to come. i can't wait to see them running around the house 'fighting crime' one day :)

i would say it was a 1st Father's Day success!


  1. Ok, be honest...He never takes that cape off, does he? =)

  2. ha! it only comes out when there is trouble in the neighborhood. the rest of the time he is in his shirt and tie