Saturday, March 27, 2010

a saturday for randoms…

i have all sorts of ideas spiraling in my head today and i need to get them down on 'paper' before i lose it all. here goes… (please excuse my a.d.d. technique)

one:: i've been driving myself crazy trying to find the PERFECT bunny pattern to make for amelie for easter. i just found a great website for 'softie' inspiration… i could really get into making these! (still can't find the perfect bunny, so i might have to make my own pattern… probably won't make it into her easter basket this year!) here are some cute ideas (that aren't bunnies):

two:: today i AM going to start amelie's easter basket. i finally got all of the materials, now i just have to get my sewing machine out and tackle it! my problem is that when i start a project, i hate having to stop in the middle of it… i would rather just delve in, be consumed by it and finish it. this is not possible when you have a 5 month old.

this image pretty much sums it up…

however, i AM going to finish this project before easter… i AM! here is what it will is supposed to look like when i am finished:

three:: i am looking for some cute waterproof fabric, but i can't find much for under $12/half yard… oy vey! the search will continue and if i can't find what i want, i am going to just waterproof it myself. i'll keep you updated on that!

four:: here is some random eye candy for you :)

happy saturday!

"this is the day that the LORD has made;
i will be glad and rejoice in it!" 
- Psalm 118:24

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  1. by waterproof do you mean bathing suit material? I found a couple good spandex sites...