Monday, February 22, 2010

things i love: owls

these 'things i love' posts are inspired by elsie at a beautiful mess. from little trinkets and pretty pictures, to good design and awesome handmade stuff, these are all things that inspire me and make me smile!

i am really into owls right now, so this first 'things i love' is all about owls!


this cute hat is from tiny tangerines… i'm pretty sure amelie will be sporting this one day

i might just have to start an owl pillow collection for amelie cause i like this one so much!

i want one of EVERYTHING from i sew lucky… SO cute!!!
and these little ones are a cute accent for pretty much anything

last, but not least… this is elsie's cute owl collection:

until next time…

1 comment:

  1. cuh-yute! Love the baby cap. :-) I think it may have Amelie's name written on it. And I also think I may steal this things I love idea! Every now and then (especially being unemployed) I literally have NOTHING to share. This is a great idea. :-)