Sunday, February 14, 2010

sweetheart garland DIY

i'm not a huge fan of valentine's day. i think it's an over-commercialized "holiday" that people take all too serious. anthony and i try to make every day valentine's day, so we don't exactly single this day out, but a couple weeks ago i got inspired to make a sweetheart garland that is oh so cute!

supplies you will need:
heart template
(i drew this one, but you can find one online if you search google images)
scrapbook/construction paper
hole punch
sharpies/markers (optional) 

i don't know if you can see it, but all of the purple letters spell out "all you need is love"! that was just a little something that i added, but get creative and personalize your sayings for you and your valentines!

even though we don't exactly celebrate valentine's day, i will say that this sweetheart garland has brought some cliché love cheer to our home this year!

this would be a great project for kiddos, too :)