Sunday, February 28, 2010

I can sew!!

Last week one of my besties, Jenn came up for a visit. It was a great time of chatting, lounging (well, her lounging, me working), watching the olympics and then she showed me how to use my sewing machine!!! Thanks, Jenn!

Here's our practice/test stitches:
 pretty, huh?!

In my first post I stated, "i want to be able to look back at this blog and make fun of myself for making stupid mistakes." Well, this first sewing project will definitely be something to look back on! After multiple thread jams (and i really mean multiple), a lot of wasted thread and a lot of expended patience on my part, I finally finished my first project! Woo hoo! I'm so proud of myself :) 

Of course I didn't start off easy, I had to do something more on the complicated side, but that's how I roll usually. For my bday my other bestie, Hazel gave me this awesome sewing book. It has some really cute projects in it and even includes some patterns which I haven't even looked at yet. I could have easily started with the potholders, kitchen towels, or a simple apron, but I had to go for the gusto and make a tote bag. I started following the instructions very meticulously:

First I got all my supplies out
this is the extra material from the curtains and pillows in our bedroom

Then I measured all the pieces of material and cut and ironed them
(i also ironed and melted a spot on my carpet… sorry landlord)

After I started pinning all of the pieces together and following the instructions, I started getting more and more confused. The book instructions started taking me down a path that I really wasn't understanding, so I just said, "screw it, i'm gonna do it my way!" Ant looked at me and said, "are you serious?" i replied, "yep… if i screw it up, i screw it up, but i think my way is better!" Sure enough… it was :) Well, for me it was. I still don't really understand why the book was taking me from point A to B to C, then D to Z and then back to R and S and then Q again. yada, yada. My way just went A, B, C - DONE! Anyway…

Ta-da! Here is the finished product!

And since I am blogging my mishaps so I can look back on them later and laugh, here goes…
crooked pocket, crooked thread… pretty messy!

BIG ole' tangled mess!!

Well, at least it's functional and has a lot of character!

YAY me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

things i love: owls

these 'things i love' posts are inspired by elsie at a beautiful mess. from little trinkets and pretty pictures, to good design and awesome handmade stuff, these are all things that inspire me and make me smile!

i am really into owls right now, so this first 'things i love' is all about owls!


this cute hat is from tiny tangerines… i'm pretty sure amelie will be sporting this one day

i might just have to start an owl pillow collection for amelie cause i like this one so much!

i want one of EVERYTHING from i sew lucky… SO cute!!!
and these little ones are a cute accent for pretty much anything

last, but not least… this is elsie's cute owl collection:

until next time…

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

more love to share

maybe it will just be a week of love posts instead of just one day!

this is one of many blogs i follow and this couple is just the cutest. they are so creative (given their little girls' names are brave, true and soul!)… i've never met them, but i love them!

this is why.

and also this.

and this, too.

i just love them. ok, that is all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

in love with LOVE

i meant to post this before valentines day, but better late than never, right?! just some LOVE inspiration…

i just think this is beautiful

cute diy from design sponge here

handstiched with love on top left by paper source
cute pic on top right by becktress   

i am in LOVE with these paper valentines from paper crave

Sewn heart mobiles and wire love cards from

Printable love bird valentines from pinecone + lola

These can hold gift cards, money, and other small gifts: 


happy belated valentine's day :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

sweetheart garland DIY

i'm not a huge fan of valentine's day. i think it's an over-commercialized "holiday" that people take all too serious. anthony and i try to make every day valentine's day, so we don't exactly single this day out, but a couple weeks ago i got inspired to make a sweetheart garland that is oh so cute!

supplies you will need:
heart template
(i drew this one, but you can find one online if you search google images)
scrapbook/construction paper
hole punch
sharpies/markers (optional) 

i don't know if you can see it, but all of the purple letters spell out "all you need is love"! that was just a little something that i added, but get creative and personalize your sayings for you and your valentines!

even though we don't exactly celebrate valentine's day, i will say that this sweetheart garland has brought some cliché love cheer to our home this year!

this would be a great project for kiddos, too :)

and sew it begins…

IMG_6143, originally uploaded by kpalamaro.

i got this beauty for christmas and it just came out of the box. i would REALLY love to be using it, but i don't know how. unfortunately, that book that you see probably won't help me much cause i'm a visual learner and i don't read and learn well.

so, begins my journey of learning how to sew! i can't wait to learn and create!

[any tips are welcome]

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a new start

i am a wife, new mom, sister, daughter, friend and just a simple girl who loves jesus, good design, baking and papertowels. i am a freelance graphic designer/stay-at-home mom. i love color. i love design. i love to make stuff. i love being inspired by people who make stuff.

i am starting this blog for five reasons. [one] hopefully it will make me get off my new mom butt and actually finish projects that i start, [two] i want to challenge myself to try new things even though i know i will make stupid mistakes, [three] i want to be able to look back at this blog and make fun of myself for making stupid mistakes, [four] i am too poor to go out and buy things at retail value, so i will be attempting to make them myself and [five] i want to (hopefully) inspire people like i have been inspired by others.

i hope you learn. i hope you laugh. i hope you are inspired.